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Wednesday April 1, 2015

8 Strategies for Digital Transformation
From the Man Who Helped Transform the BBC

In today’s post, you’ll learn how the BBC:
– Cut its budget by 25%, including 360 online jobs;
– Took 500+ websites down to just 10;
– Replaced 40 content management systems with the cloud;
– Replaced 140 embedded media players with just one service.

These were not the last-ditch efforts to save a sinking organization, but rather the result of the disruptive role many Chief Digital Officers are tasked with: transitioning a legacy organization into the digital age.

Faced with a mountain of redundant services, intense media scrutiny, and the upcoming Summer Olympics, then newly-appointed Ralph Rivera set in motion a drastic plan whose goal was to transition the BBC into a digital organization.

Spoiler: his efforts were a smashing success.

How did he do it, and what do CDOs need to know to make any organization digital?

A good start would be to watch this video of Ralpha Rivera’s keynote at the CDO Summit in London at the BBC.

8 Strategies for Digital Transformation
1. Cut the fat—immediately.
2. Put products first.
3. Form teams to tackle specific product areas, rather than having them compete.
4. Consolidate to reduce redundant systems.
5. Embrace positive and negative motivation where you find them.
6. Don’t let your best moment be your peak.
7. Employ a multiple screen strategy.
8. Continue to innovate.

NYC 2015 CDO Summit Speakers 

Johanna Murphy
Chief Marketing Officer
and Digital Director
Ivanka Trump
Dr. Didier Bonnet
Senior Vice President and Global Practice Leader
Capgemini Consulting
Jessica Federer
Chief Digital Officer
Ganesh Bell
Chief Digital Officer & GM,
Software and Analytics
General Electric
Alexander van Boetzelaer
Managing Director
R&D Solutions
Elsevier Inc.
Fernando Alvarez
Chief Digital Officer
Capgemini Consulting
Jim Rosenberg
Chief of Digital Strategy
Brock Weatherup
Chief Digital Officer / SVP

NYC Partners:

Presenting Partner
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Thomson Reuters
3 Times Square
New York City, USA

Dr. Didier Bonnet

to Keynote the
NYC CDO Summit 

Buy His New Book:

Join us for the 3rd annual Chief Digital Officer summit, presented by Capgemini and hosted by Thomson Reuters on 29 April 2015. We’re excited to announce a partial list of speakers below:
  • Steve Abrams: Distinguished Engineer and Director, Watson Life at IBM
  • Fernando Alvarez: Chief Digital Officer at Capgemini Consulting
  • Rajesh Anandan: Senior Vice President at UNICEF Ventures
  • Ganesh Bell: Chief Digital Officer & GM, Software and Analytics at General Electric
  • Alexander van Boetzelaer: Managing Director, R&D Solutions at Elsevier
  • Dr. Didier Bonnet: SVP and Global Practice Leader at Capgemini Consulting
  • Mike Ellis: Chief Executive Officer at ForgeRock
  • Jessica Federer: Chief Digital Officer at Bayer
  • Tony Fross: VP, Practice Lead, Digital Customer Experience at Capgemini Consulting
  • Joe Johnston: VP, Experience Innovation at Universal Mind
  • Amen Mashariki: Chief Analytics Officer at NYC Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics
  • Faisal Masud: Chief Digital Officer & EVP Global E-Commerce at  Staples
  • David Mathison: Curator, CDO Summit; Founder, CDO Club
  • Jen McClure: Vice President, Digital & Social Media at Thomson Reuters
  • Johanna Murphy: Chief Marketing Officer and Digital Director at Ivanka Trump
  • Haile Owusu, PhD: Chief Data Scientist at Mashable
  • Keyvan Peymani: Managing Director, Digital Strategy Division at ICM Partners
  • Jaime Punishill: Head of Cross Channel Customer Strategy at TIAA-CREF
  • Jim Rosenberg: Chief of Digital Stragey at UNICEF
  • Jo Ann Saitta: Chief Digital Officer at The CDM Group
  • Steven Schwartz: Global Managing Director, Reuters News Agency at Thomson Reuters
  • Sumita Singh: Senior Vice President Marketing, Corporate Markets at Elsevier
  • Sree Sreenivasan: Chief Digital Officer at Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Brock Weatherup: Chief Digital Officer/ SVP at PetSmart
  • More coming

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About the CDO Club:

The CDO Club is the world’s first, largest, and most powerful network of C-suite digital leaders.  Our 1,000+ members receive access to breaking news, original research, career development support, networking opportunities, and inspirational events such as the CDO Summit.  Visit the website.

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