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Tuesday August 2, 2016

This App Could Save Your Life One Day:
UTS Students Propose Citizens Heroes Initiative with
Accenture at Sydney CDO Summit

The CDO Summit is the premier event for digital & data leaders
November 16-17, 2016 
Washington D.C., USA

Deaths due to ambulance delay may disappear in ten years’ time in Australia.

And amazingly it’s all thanks to a two-day project by a group of UTS Business School students.

They outlined their proposal, titled “Citizen Heroes – Digital Creativity and Social Design”, at the inaugural Sydney CDO Summit, presented by Accenture Digital on 1 March, 2016.

The multi-disciplinary team worked with mentors from industry partner Accenture Digital, which sponsored the Sydney CDO Summit.

“We’re preparing students not for jobs that exist, but for jobs that don’t exist, and about half of current jobs won’t exist in ten years’ time,” said Roy Green, Dean of the UTS Business School, as he introduced the students responsible for the project at the end of his lunch-time keynote at the Sydney CDO Summit.

Click below to see the video on how the application developed by these incredible students may one day save your life.

And if these students could change so much in just two days, imagine how much will change just a year after our first event in Australia!

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Click Here To Watch the Citizen Heroes Presentation

Where in the world is the CDO trend occurring now?

Research from our CDO Talent Map indicates that Asia is experiencing a surge in CDO hires, just as North America, the UK, and Europe have had in years past.

That’s why David Mathison, Founder and CEO of the CDO Club, is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to speak at the
Digital Integration & Business Transformation Asia event on August 3 and 4, 2016 at the JW Marriott.

On the first day, Wednesday August 3 at 4pm MYT, Mathison will keynote on “Using Digital Transformation to Break Down Organizational Silos.” 

And as Chairperson of Day 2, Mathison will deliver the Opening Remarks on Thursday August 4 at 08:45am MYT. At 09:00am, he will moderate a panel on “Change in Leadership: Do you need a CDO?” 

The session will explore how companies drive digital change — whether that’s through a reorganization of the CIO, CTO, and CMO roles, or by hiring a Chief Digital Officer.

Panelists include Donald Lim, Chief Digital Officer at ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation, Philippines, and John Kerr, Global Chief Digital Officer at ZENO Group, Singapore.

At 2:00pm MYT on Thursday, Mathison will deliver a presentation on behalf of
Centric Digital titled “Developing a Digital Strategy: Building Blocks Required,” using case studies and data points provided by Brian Manning, President & Chief Digital Officer at Centric Digital, from Manning’s keynote at the 4th annual NYC CDO Summit on April 27, 2016, which was sponsored by Centric Digital.

This presentation and case study will provide a blueprint for developing and implementing a business case for digital transformation, specifically targeted at companies in Asia that are still in the early stages of transformation.

Click here for more information.

Day Two Sessions Include:
  • 09:00: Change in Leadership: Do you need a CDO? Participants: 
    David Mathison: CEO and Founder CDO Summit, USA (moderator)
    — Donald Lim: Chief Digital Officer ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation, Philippines
    — John Kerr: Global Chief Digital Officer ZENO Group, Singapore.
  • 10:30: Preparing your Organisation & Leaders to win in the age of Digital Disruption & Business Transformation (Case Study DBS Bank Singapore)
    — Laurence Smith: Former Head of Learning & Talent Management DBS Bank, Singapore
  • 11:15: Reshape and Innovate your Business Model to Survive Digital Disruption
    — Donald Limm: Chief Digital Officer ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation, Philippines
  • 12:00: Marketing Transformation: Moving from Traditional to Digital – Hear from Asia’s most influential Chief Marketing Of­ficer
    — Damien Cummings: Global Head of Digital Marketing Standard Chartered, Singapore
  • 14:00: Developing a Digital Strategy: Building Blocks Required (Case Study)
    — David Mathison: CEO and Founder CDO Summit, USA
  • 16:00: Thinking Big Picture: Growing your Revenue and Maximising Pro­fit with Digital Transformation
    — Leon Jackson: Head of Healthcare IT (CIO) University of Malaya, Malaysia
  • 16:45: Become a Digirati! Building Digital Maturity for your Organization
    — Miao Song: CIO & VP IT ASPAC Johnson & Johnson, Singapore
And speaking of Asia, did you know that we recently released videos every panel and keynote from the inaugural Sydney CDO Summit, presented by Accenture Digital on March 1, 2016? Click here to see them now.

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Good news: Sponsor opportunities are now available for our upcoming events in Washington DC, and Sydney, Australia.

Sponsors love our events: We have a 5-year history of bringing together some of the most important digital and data leaders on earth, in intimate settings designed for networking.

But don’t take our word for it. Check out the brief 2-minute video below from our recent NYC CDO Summit to hear what our sponsors and speakers had to say, in their own words:

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“Congratulations and thanks to David Mathison for spotting the need for community and collaboration in the growing Chief Digital Officer space, and for having the wherewithal, network, and organizational talent to put together such a top-notch event in its inaugural year. Next year’s summit should be even more of a must-do for anyone working digital at senior levels in all kinds of businesses.”

Teddy Goff: Chief Digital Strategist for the Hillary Rodham Clinton 2016 US Presidential Campaign. Former Digital Director for President Barack Obama, 2008 and 2012

“David, here’s a handy C^3 test for conference value: Did I learn at least three new perspectives? Check. Did I meet at least three interesting people? Check. Did I take back at least three relevant pieces of news I can use? Check. Flying colors for the Chief Digital Officer Summit 2013! Thank you so much, and yes, I’d be very pleased to participate next year!”

– Perry Hewitt: Former Chief Digital Officer at Harvard University

About the CDO Summit:

The CDO Summit addresses the challenges and opportunities arising from big data, the cloud, digital disruption, and social and mobile media.  Our gatherings include the best digital strategists and practitioners on earth, in intimate, collegial, and supportive environments designed to encourage networking, learning, and knowledge-sharing. Visit the website.

About the CDO Club:

The CDO Club is the world’s first, largest, and most powerful network of C-suite digital leaders.  Our 1,500+ members receive access to breaking news, original research, career development support, networking opportunities, and inspirational events such as the CDO Summit.  Visit the website.

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