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Saturday December 19, 2015

Why and How CDOs Can Cut Through the BS
with Arete Research’s Richard Kramer

The CDO Summit is the premier event for digital & data leaders
Wednesday, 01 March, 2016 
Sydney, Australia

“I’m probably the only person you know who makes their money in the financial markets by telling the truth,” said Richard Kramer, Founder and Managing Director at Arete Research.

Over 100 top investors rely on Arete Research to give them objective analysis on important trends, and now we’ve made Kramer’s presentation from the inaugural EU CDO Summit available to our members.

It contains several “hard truths” every Chief Digital Officer needs to be aware of.
Learn why and how:

  1. Disruptors and startups are being outgunned by giant organizations
  2. “Open is a four letter word.”
  3. Major companies can quickly lose relevance and market share.
  4. “Programmatic is overrated.”
  5. Many marketing claims are completely false.
  6. And more!

Kramer believes a big part of a Chief Digital Officer’s job is to “cut through the BS.”

To help, he has contributed several of the latest reports from Arete Research for the CDO Community.
CDO Club members can watch the presentation and download the reports from our blog right now.

Watch Richard Kramer’s Keynote Video Here

In the coming weeks we will share articles and reports from other CDO Community contributors – digital and data leaders such as yourself, including:

  • Norm Johnston: Chief Strategy and Digital Officer at Mindshare
  • Mayur Gupta: Senior VP, Head of Digital at Healthgrades
  • Andy Peart: Chief Marketing Officer at Artificial Solutions
  • Michael Krigsman: Founder at CXOTalk
  • Brian Solis: Principal Analyst at Altimeter Group

As our editorial calendar is already filled for January and February, be sure to contact us right away if you or your organization would like to become a CDO Community contributor.

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“Thank you for an intense and inspiring U.K. CDO Summit. The content and networking were well worth the trip and investment.”
Daniel Ebneter: Chief Digital Officer, Hogrefe Publishing Group
“The opportunity to keynote at the inaugural U.K. CDO Summit in London was once in a lifetime experience. As the world’s youngest CDO, I learned valuable lessons from other digital leaders and gained a greater sense of confidence and energy leaving the event.”

– Gordon Ching: Chief Digital Officer, AIESEC

About the CDO Summit:


The CDO Summit addresses the challenges and opportunities arising from big data, the cloud, digital disruption, and social and mobile media.  Our gatherings include the best digital strategists and practitioners on earth, in intimate, collegial, and supportive environments designed to encourage networking, learning, and knowledge-sharing. Visit the website.

About the CDO Club:

The CDO Club is the world’s first, largest, and most powerful network of C-suite digital leaders.  Our 1,500+ members receive access to breaking news, original research, career development support, networking opportunities, and inspirational events such as the CDO Summit.  Visit the website.

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