Mike Bracken

Executive Director, Digital

Cabinet Office, British Government

Mike Bracken was appointed Executive Director of Digital for the UK Government in July 2011.

He is leading the transformation of public sector services to a “digital by default” model, building and championing a digital culture that puts the user first and delivers the best, low-cost public services possible.

Mike heads up the Government Digital Service, part of the Cabinet Office that has been globally recognised for its work on building world-class digital services. The new GOV.UK website – which brings together all UK Government services and information in one place – is an internationally recognised digital platform for public services and won the Design of The Year award for 2013.

Prior to joining Government, Bracken worked at Guardian News & Media as Digital Development Director for nearly four years; co-founded e-democracy site My Society, and was a Director/Shareholder at technical services company Wavex.