Narry Singh

Head of Digital Business

Accenture EALA

Narry is a successful serial entrepreneur and advisor to CEOs with over 18 years of experience in building and managing digital businesses. Narry’s team helps senior executives and their organizations digitally transform their business. This often results in significant changes in the way they grow, work, lead and create new ventures.

He relocated to London in 2014 after 20 years in Silicon Valley. Amongst his most successes he helped Outfit7 (creators of “Talking Tom” amongst other mobile apps) become one of the largest mobile media companies in the world, with over 1.2 billion users in 104 countries. Outfit7 today has more active users than Twitter. Narry serves on the board of Bebe Stores (Nasdaq: Bebe), the advisory board of ProsiebenSat1 (FWB: PSAT) and the United Nations Global Entrepreneurs Council. He has received B.S. and MS degrees in Engineering and Management from Punjab and Stanford University, and conducted graduate research at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.