Thomas Power


Electric Dog

My time is spent as a Non-Executive Director (NED) on multiple Boards.

A FTSE350 PLC qualified Non-Executive Director (NED) – QXL Ricardo PLC 2002-2007

I also teach business executives, who are mostly uncomfortable with social media, how to look good online using Linkedin, Twitter, Scredible, Facebook & Youtube. The goal to build your personal brand alongside your corporate brand.

The key online is to remain in a permanent state of beta as the web cannot be mastered. This is why Boards now require experienced Digital NEDs to provide insight, context and Silicon Valley connections.

Linkedin member 9635, I rank number one worldwide for written Linkedin Testimonials and posted Endorsements. I begun on Linkedin in December 2002 and have been online since 1994 already 20 years.

Featured 73rd in The Top 100 Most Connected People on LinkedIn:

A Professional Speaker. 2000 Presentations in 60 Countries.