Transport for London’s Data Plan Revealed
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Thursday March 15, 2018

Meet Lauren Sager Weinstein 
Chief Data Officer at Transport for London
at the UK CDO Summit!

The CDO Summit is the premier event for
digital & data leaders:

March 28, 2018 | London, UNITED KINGDOM
April 25, 2018  | NYC, UNITED STATES
June 27, 2018  | San Francisco, UNITED STATES

We are excited to hear a keynote from Lauren Sager Weinstein, Chief Data Officer at Transport for London, at our upcoming UK CDO Summit on March 28, 2018.

The purpose at TfL is to keep London working and growing and making life better. Millions of public transport and road journeys are made every day, providing vast quantities of information. 

Learn how they transform this data with analytic tools to provide services to their customers, and to run and plan their network during Lauren’s keynote on “Delivering Better Transport with Big Data“. 

Lauren was recently featured in the article “The Elizabeth Line will destroy this secret algorithm that runs London,” where she tells The Memo what the future plans look like for London’s Transportation.  

Join us at the UK CDO Summit to hear Lauren’s experience first-hand, and see how it may apply to your business.
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Rich Kramer
Alex Clyne

Other speakers at this year’s UK CDO Summit include Rich Kramer and Alex Clyne. 

Rich Kramer, Managing Director at Arete Research, will give an Impact Keynote on “Are Digital Advertising Markets Rigged?

The leading Internet players have managed to control both the supply and demand side of the digital ad market in a way that would be unimaginable in financial markets. Several developments – blockchain based solutions, new entrants into digital ad space like Amazon, and greater regulatory scrutiny – offer the chance for publishers and brands to get more diversity and competition among those competing for their audience and ad budgets.

We will also hear from Alex Clyne, Co-founder of Jump Digital Ltd., with his keynote on “Continuing Education and Training for Digital and Data Leaders.”

Alex will discuss and explore the CDO Club’s partnerships with the University of Edinborough, Jump Digital, and other academic institutions and organizations. Who is learning, what are they studying, what roles they are in, where they are based, and the next education and talent products.

We are so excited to have all of these digital and data leaders in the same room sharing their insights!

Don’t miss the opportunity to be in that room with them. 
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London Speakers Include:

  • Alex Clyne: Co-Founder of Jump Digital Ltd
  • Amit Kama: CEO of Kamedia Digital
  • Anand Chopra-McGowan: Head of Europe, Global Head of Consumer Practice at General Assembly
  • Andrew Stephen: L’Oréal Professor of Marketing & Associate Dean of Research at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford
  • Bonnie Cheuk: Director, Global Head of Digital, Knowledge & Collaboration at Euroclear
  • Chris Hulse: Chief Digital Officer at BlueLine Rental
  • Christian Pezzin: Chief Digital Officer at Sapio Group
  • David Mathison: Curator, CDO Summit & Founder, CDO Club
  • Durdana Achakzai: Chief Digital Officer at Telenor
  • Lauren Sager Weinstein: Chief Data Officer at Transport for London
  • Susie Cummings: Founder and Chief Executive of Nurole
  • Peter Jackson: Chief Data Officer at Southern Water
  • Richard Kramer: Founder, Managing Director at Arete Research
  • Sarah Wilkinson: CEO of NHS Digital
  • Simon Birkenhead: Managing Director, Europe at L2 Inc.
  • Tamer Ozmen: Managing Director of Microsoft Digital and Enterprise Services at Microsoft
  • Tanya Cordrey: Founder of GRANARY SQUARE
  • Theo Blackwell: Chief Digital Officer for London
  • And Many More…
See All London Speakers Here >

Thanks to our London Sponsors:

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Our Next CDO Summits Are Coming Up In NYC & San Francisco:

  • Our 6th annual NYC CDO Summit is on April 25. We’ll be joined by Chief Digital Officers from Bayer, Harvard Business Review, and GE Renewable Energy; and Chief Data Officers from AT&T, Dun & Bradstreet and United Technologies, among others.
  • Our San Francisco CDO Summit is on June 27. There you’ll get to meet Carrie Bishop, the first-ever Chief Digital and Services Officer for the City and County of San Francisco, among others.
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Join Us in NYC (our 6th year) or SF:

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2018: See You at a CDO Summit Near You!

  • London, England: March 28, 2018 (our 3rd year), presented by CDOGPS
  • New York, NY: April 25, 2018 (our 6th year), presented by CDOGPS
  • Madrid, Spain: May 23, 2018, Digital Business World Congress
  • San Francisco: June 27, 2018, presented by CDOGPS
  • Tel Aviv, Israel: September 2018 (our 3rd year, via CDO Club IL)
  • Sydney Australia: TBD Q4, 2018 (our 3rd year), presented by CDOGPS
  • MORE: We are also considering CDO Summits in Singapore, Mumbai, and Berlin in the second half of 2018. Contact us for more information.

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