CDO Summit Amsterdam Tweet Sheet

Welcome to our Amsterdam CDO Summit 2015 Twitter list – a.k.a. our “Tweet Cheat Sheet”!

Hashtag: #CDOSummitAMS

It has everything you need to promote the Summit via Twitter, making it easier for you and your team to promote before, during, and after the Summit, and to maximize your exposure online.

It includes:

  • Twitter handles for all keynoters, speakers, and companies, plus the event hashtag (#CDOSummitAMS) and event producer (@BeTheMedia).
  • Sample tweets you can use to promote in advance – preconfigured and ready to go!
  • Sample “live-tweets” for the day of the event – no need for participants to create tweets from scratch or scramble to find people’s “@” handles – they’re already here!
    • NOTE: Speakers are encouraged to give us “key Tweetable points” from their presentations in advance. This makes it easier for people to “live-tweet” your session, giving you maximum online visibility for your presentation.
  • Let us know if there are ways we can improve this – we’re all ears!

Speakers  |   Partners   |   Sample Tweets   |   General Tweets   |   Blog Tweets

Speakers: (Keynotes = *)

Name Twitter Handle Company Handle Sample Tweets
* Sean Cornwell @seancornwell @TravelexUK



Company Name Company Handle Personal Handle
Be The Media @BeTheMedia
– Sophie Lawson
@ForgeRock @sophie_al


Partner Tweets:


Sample Tweets:


General Tweets: