Featured Speaker

• Topic: The DNA of a Champion – “Talent Alone is not Enough”

Based on the notion that “Great Teams Are Made of Great Individuals” Clive has identified four criteria which he believes characterise a champion individual or team in both business and sport. ‘The DNA of a Champion’ details each of these criteria, but also how they can be coached to achieve high performing teams.


A moderated debate that explores the trend that, rather the CFO being the natural heir to the CEO throne, increasingly those with a deep understanding of the digital business environment and how to thrive in it, will be natural contenders to make the jump to the CEO seat.

Alan Mumby (moderator): Partner, Global CIO Group at Odgers Berndtson

Charlie Redmayne: Chief Executive Officer at HarperCollins UK

Charmaine Eggberry: NED of Avanti Communications Group plc

James Bilefield: Chairman/Board Director, Advisor & Tech Investor

Sarah Flannigan: CIO at The National Trust


• Topic: “Online Brand Identity: Getting And Keeping Your Brand Future Ready”
Digital experts are becoming company leaders. However, the majority of digital strategy has traditionally been focused on driving short term sales and you can’t lead a company with short term focus, particularly not in a world of exponential change. Digital experts need to broaden their scope towards long-term business strategy which includes brand building. How do you bring your advanced digital knowledge together with the timeless aspects of brand building? What is the role of data versus strategy and creativity? What experiments should you start running now to be ready for a future five to ten years from now? That is the focus of the presentation of Joris Merks-Benjaminsen, author of the book “Online Brand Identity” and Head of Digital Transformation at Google.


A moderated debate on the legal, ethical, and emotional tension between the individual and the organisation looking to leverage user data gathered or supplied. Focus is on the fragile balance between personal consent and how organizations mine and leverage user data; and what organisations must consider in advance concerning real-time data decisions designed to enhance the customer experience.

Peter Lacy (moderator): Global Managing Director, Strategy, Sustainability Services at Accenture

Bridget Treacy: Partner at Hunton & Williams

Fedelma Good: Director, Information Policy & Strategy at Barclays

Russell Marsh: Former Global Chief Data Officer at IPG Mediabrands

Tony Henderson: Playready Lead Europe at Microsoft

Neil Chapman: SVP & Managing Director, International at ForgeRock