Lunch & Learn with James Haycock: MD at Adaptive Lab

• Topic: Bye Bye Banks?
Based on the the book of the same title, this talk looks at how the retail banking business model is being unbundled by technology startups. It groups some of the most interesting companies around the different ways banks make money today, outlines a three stage scenario (how traditional players are being displaced, diminished and disintermediated), why change in large organisations is hard and what the traditional banks can do to compete – launch a new organisation or ‘Beta Bank’.


A moderated debate addressing business leaders’ need to consider the focus of their investments in digital business if they are to outperform their competitors. This includes not only external investments, but also the imperative (and subsequent challenges) for organisations to focus on digital ‘on the inside,’ and transforming the skills and behaviours of the workforce with the same rigour as currently used to transform external facing processes and products.

Lis Evenstad (moderator): Management Editor at Computer Weekly

Andrew Proctor: Head of IT & Digital at West Midlands Police

Dave Cook: Chief Digital Officer at Time Out

Jacqueline de Rojas: Area VP for Citrix in Northern Europe and President at techUK

Jeff Moriarty: Chief Digital & Product Officer at Johnston Press


A moderated debate on the growing advantages of scale and resources in an environment where disruptors have dominated. The increasing ability of big organisations to test and challenge the disruptors using their very size and market share to shift the balance of power.

Stuart Lauchlan (moderator): Co-founder, Editor at diginomica

Tanya Cordrey: Chief Digital Officer at Guardian News & Media

Sean Gilchrist: Managing Director, Commercial Digital at Lloyds Banking Group

Sarah Bentley: Chief Customer Officer at Severn Trent Water

Mayank Prakash: Director General, Digital Technology at Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)